Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Seann, remember how much I love you...

Dear Seann. This is for you. This is for your 20th birthday. This is for everyday of love you gave me and that I hope I gave back.
I sent you:
I'm sorry that this is all I can do for the bestest girl in the world on her birthday but I'm doing exams for the next 2 weeks so that's all I'm focused on. But it's you birthday!!!!! Happy birthday S. I want you to have the best year ever and live it to the full. I miss what we had but maybe we can fix it eh? So have an amazing birthday. I love you to the moon and back more than a million times. I miss you muchly much.
Happy Birthday.
Much love,
L ♥

but I wanted to give you so much more.

I remember everythig you did for me the other day. Everytime you made me smile, laugh and cry andI couldn't thank you more for being the most amazing girl in the world to me. It's not the same as it was. It probably never will be but we still have eachother right? We're still sisters and we'll still fight for eachother. I have so many reasons to love you. I have so many reasons that I want to still be your bestfriends and I have so many reasons why I'd swim to the Phillipines right now to wish you the happiest and healthiest birthday.

So happy birthday. Have a good year. I love you so much.