Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Seann, remember how much I love you...

Dear Seann. This is for you. This is for your 20th birthday. This is for everyday of love you gave me and that I hope I gave back.
I sent you:
I'm sorry that this is all I can do for the bestest girl in the world on her birthday but I'm doing exams for the next 2 weeks so that's all I'm focused on. But it's you birthday!!!!! Happy birthday S. I want you to have the best year ever and live it to the full. I miss what we had but maybe we can fix it eh? So have an amazing birthday. I love you to the moon and back more than a million times. I miss you muchly much.
Happy Birthday.
Much love,
L ♥

but I wanted to give you so much more.

I remember everythig you did for me the other day. Everytime you made me smile, laugh and cry andI couldn't thank you more for being the most amazing girl in the world to me. It's not the same as it was. It probably never will be but we still have eachother right? We're still sisters and we'll still fight for eachother. I have so many reasons to love you. I have so many reasons that I want to still be your bestfriends and I have so many reasons why I'd swim to the Phillipines right now to wish you the happiest and healthiest birthday.

So happy birthday. Have a good year. I love you so much.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go Ahead and Ruin It All.

So I went and fell down a few steps on a stairs in school last Monday. And I went a fractured my ankle in the process. The reason I'm telling you this? Cause it's probably going to ruin my life for the next six weeks, in which I'm going to 2 concerts ( one being the Paramore one which was going to make my year.), a rugby match, my mid-term, holiday during my mid-term, going out over the mid-term. But the only one that made me cry was the fact that I'm most likely going to be on crutches for the Paramore concert. My whole life is Paramore and know it's bloody going to be ruined by a stupid stairs in my sucky school.

Dipsy, I love you. Thank you for catching me when I fall, and thank you for actually catching me on the stairs, wiping away the tears and fighting through the battles with me. I really don't deserve someone as good as you.

There is so much wrong with everything at the moment in my life, I'm surprised I haven't broken down. At least the painkillers make it numb.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

When Things Go Poom.

So..things have been very crazy. I guess my summer was okay. Until my uncle died of course. That messed me up. I'm back in school and settling back into the routine. I've realised though..that there's only a little number of people you can truly trust. I know who those people are and I know who are just basically users.

I call this place heaven.
I call this place mine.
I call this place where I belong.
I call this place my heart.

I've been asked a countless amount of times in the last few days am I okay. And I think I am, but deep down I know something is bothering me..because I just don't feel me.

It's amazing how one person can split a friendship and when that person goes away, the friendship goes right back to the way it was. Guess it just shows that person that they can't break true friendship. Probably something they'll never have.

And finally. I miss you S and V. I miss us.
Let me just say this.
You will always be my S and V, my sissies.

Oh and happy birthday for my sister tomorrow. I love you E.

My thoughts you can't decode.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

you ever love somebody you can barely breathe.

There's time when I think: what's the point? why do I even bother? No one cares if you do that stuff for them, Lala, they don't bother to even say thanks. stop wasting your time on them.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn't waste my time on people like that, but I can't help it if I love them.

just gonna stand there and watch me burn, well that's alright cause I like the way it hurts.

My life has seriously been turned upside down in the last two weeks. My uncle's in ICU(Intensive Care), my great-aunt is seriously ill, my aunt was in a car crash. All on one side of my family. The side I love more. Tears have been shed, hugs have been given, kisses were planted. But none of it's good enough. I locked myself in my room and I wrote. I wrote like it was the end of my life. Believe me, it felt like it.

I'll aim my fist at the dry wall, next time, there will be no next time.

I'm hoping and praying that everything will work out sooner or later. I drown myself in my tears and no one will stop me. And thank you to Elaine, my dear sister that I love oh so much, Dipsy and Maeve. I know who my friends are and who to turn to when everything feels like it will crash onto me. I love you all more than anything. V and S are always here too. And I love you both more than myself. Seann, please don't mourn Cal for too long, he wouldn't want to see you like this and we all know he died happy with you in his heart.

RIP Caleb. Everytime I shed a tear I will think of you and try to stop myself. I'll always think of you as my big brother. I'll miss you, Cal.

Until next time,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

burn me up.

Hey, lookie here, it's my blog that I love oh so much but always forget to update! I'm going to meet my friend in a few minutes and I'm supposed to be doing my work but I wanted to say heeey to y'all. and YAY, guess what?! My Twin's birthday is in ONE WEEK!! Whhooooop, partay time with her.. Happy very early birthday V. Baaaah! I'm vibrating.. oh, it's my phone.. and shit, I have to go.. I love y'all xxx

PS. I have an epic post written up for later, just y'all wait and see ;) xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Will You Be My Fallen Angel?

I'm obsessed with darkness, gore, angels, fallen angels mainly. That's just me. So you can imagine how I felt when reading House of Night when a fallen angel entered the story.

Life can be tough for me at times, mainly cause of the haters, well not haters just.....disagreers, but two very special people in my life keep me happy. Seann and Vicky I love you more than anything just for that alone. And everything else that comes along with us amazes me. You girls are absoleutley beautiful and sweet. I hope you realise how much I lovw you guys :3

And it's another lazy Sunday for me. And it's Oxygen weekend here in Ireland, and if you don't know what Oxygen is you don't know music! LOOL..

Anyhoo I'm leaving you all with a song by a band who are playing at Oxygen today and I deeply love the band! Byeeeeee xx

Friday, July 2, 2010

1 daaaay .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Hello, Its Vickeh !! Louise was too tired to write this post. Okay, so Louise gets to see Eclipse tomorrow. Like, Seriously, Im jealous. Being in crappy England means I have to wait until 9th July to see it! Not. Happy.

it's Louise.. yeah I'm tired and in a pissy mood.. but excited for tomorrow. I've left who I think, is the best character, for last. so yeah, bye.. I need to sleep..

"Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever. Will you marry me?"
~ Edward

"I am going away for a while. I'll be back don't try and follow me cause I'll return as soon as possible."
~ Paramore, Misguided Ghosts