Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go Ahead and Ruin It All.

So I went and fell down a few steps on a stairs in school last Monday. And I went a fractured my ankle in the process. The reason I'm telling you this? Cause it's probably going to ruin my life for the next six weeks, in which I'm going to 2 concerts ( one being the Paramore one which was going to make my year.), a rugby match, my mid-term, holiday during my mid-term, going out over the mid-term. But the only one that made me cry was the fact that I'm most likely going to be on crutches for the Paramore concert. My whole life is Paramore and know it's bloody going to be ruined by a stupid stairs in my sucky school.

Dipsy, I love you. Thank you for catching me when I fall, and thank you for actually catching me on the stairs, wiping away the tears and fighting through the battles with me. I really don't deserve someone as good as you.

There is so much wrong with everything at the moment in my life, I'm surprised I haven't broken down. At least the painkillers make it numb.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

When Things Go Poom.

So..things have been very crazy. I guess my summer was okay. Until my uncle died of course. That messed me up. I'm back in school and settling back into the routine. I've realised though..that there's only a little number of people you can truly trust. I know who those people are and I know who are just basically users.

I call this place heaven.
I call this place mine.
I call this place where I belong.
I call this place my heart.

I've been asked a countless amount of times in the last few days am I okay. And I think I am, but deep down I know something is bothering me..because I just don't feel me.

It's amazing how one person can split a friendship and when that person goes away, the friendship goes right back to the way it was. Guess it just shows that person that they can't break true friendship. Probably something they'll never have.

And finally. I miss you S and V. I miss us.
Let me just say this.
You will always be my S and V, my sissies.

Oh and happy birthday for my sister tomorrow. I love you E.

My thoughts you can't decode.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

you ever love somebody you can barely breathe.

There's time when I think: what's the point? why do I even bother? No one cares if you do that stuff for them, Lala, they don't bother to even say thanks. stop wasting your time on them.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn't waste my time on people like that, but I can't help it if I love them.

just gonna stand there and watch me burn, well that's alright cause I like the way it hurts.

My life has seriously been turned upside down in the last two weeks. My uncle's in ICU(Intensive Care), my great-aunt is seriously ill, my aunt was in a car crash. All on one side of my family. The side I love more. Tears have been shed, hugs have been given, kisses were planted. But none of it's good enough. I locked myself in my room and I wrote. I wrote like it was the end of my life. Believe me, it felt like it.

I'll aim my fist at the dry wall, next time, there will be no next time.

I'm hoping and praying that everything will work out sooner or later. I drown myself in my tears and no one will stop me. And thank you to Elaine, my dear sister that I love oh so much, Dipsy and Maeve. I know who my friends are and who to turn to when everything feels like it will crash onto me. I love you all more than anything. V and S are always here too. And I love you both more than myself. Seann, please don't mourn Cal for too long, he wouldn't want to see you like this and we all know he died happy with you in his heart.

RIP Caleb. Everytime I shed a tear I will think of you and try to stop myself. I'll always think of you as my big brother. I'll miss you, Cal.

Until next time,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

burn me up.

Hey, lookie here, it's my blog that I love oh so much but always forget to update! I'm going to meet my friend in a few minutes and I'm supposed to be doing my work but I wanted to say heeey to y'all. and YAY, guess what?! My Twin's birthday is in ONE WEEK!! Whhooooop, partay time with her.. Happy very early birthday V. Baaaah! I'm vibrating.. oh, it's my phone.. and shit, I have to go.. I love y'all xxx

PS. I have an epic post written up for later, just y'all wait and see ;) xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Will You Be My Fallen Angel?

I'm obsessed with darkness, gore, angels, fallen angels mainly. That's just me. So you can imagine how I felt when reading House of Night when a fallen angel entered the story.

Life can be tough for me at times, mainly cause of the haters, well not haters just.....disagreers, but two very special people in my life keep me happy. Seann and Vicky I love you more than anything just for that alone. And everything else that comes along with us amazes me. You girls are absoleutley beautiful and sweet. I hope you realise how much I lovw you guys :3

And it's another lazy Sunday for me. And it's Oxygen weekend here in Ireland, and if you don't know what Oxygen is you don't know music! LOOL..

Anyhoo I'm leaving you all with a song by a band who are playing at Oxygen today and I deeply love the band! Byeeeeee xx

Friday, July 2, 2010

1 daaaay .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Hello, Its Vickeh !! Louise was too tired to write this post. Okay, so Louise gets to see Eclipse tomorrow. Like, Seriously, Im jealous. Being in crappy England means I have to wait until 9th July to see it! Not. Happy.

it's Louise.. yeah I'm tired and in a pissy mood.. but excited for tomorrow. I've left who I think, is the best character, for last. so yeah, bye.. I need to sleep..

"Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever. Will you marry me?"
~ Edward

"I am going away for a while. I'll be back don't try and follow me cause I'll return as soon as possible."
~ Paramore, Misguided Ghosts

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 daaaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .


the weekend is upon us.

Saturday is almost here.



So, yeah, I'm going camping out with Dipsy and Maeve and Dipsy's sisters and their friends tonight.. :D fuuuuuuun..

oooh, okay.. quote time :D

Wuthering Heights.. we heard a lot about this in the Eclipse novel..

so, it's in my reading list so I'll get to it..

"You loved me - then what right had you to leave me? . . . You, of your own will, did it. I have not broken your heart - you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine."
~ Heathcliff to Cathy, Wuthering Heights

"you've got, you've got it, some kind of magic. Hypnotic, hypnotic, you're leaving me breathless. I hate this, I hate this, you're not the one I believe in, with God as my witness."
~ Paramore, I Caught Myself

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Wow, so most people saw Eclipse today.. I kinda boycotted twitter so I wouldn't see anything..

I have one of my paramore edits on thos post too.. Let me know what you think kay?

"The right thing isn’t always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. So… good luck figuring that out."
~ Charlie

"And the worst part is, before it gets any better we're heading for a cliff and in the freefall I will realise that I'm better off when I hit the bottom."
~ Paramore, Turn It Off

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Well, I guess I'll tell you about my day. I haven't much else to tell you but that.

So, I went to town. and to you all who don't know what town is, it's Galway city! And I went shoppinnnnggg. How exciting..

Well, last night on Chatroll was fun. Rape, dog killing and more? Sound like fun to you? Believe me it was!

anyhoo, I have absoleutley nothing to say but to all of you who are going to ECLIPSE tonight/tomorrow HAVE EPIC FUN!

"She’ll come around when she’s ready, Edward. She’s had too much to deal with today. Let her mind protect itself."
~ Carlise

"So one day I found her crying.
Coiled up on the dirty ground,
Her prince finally came to save her,
And the rest you can figure out.
But it was a trick,
And the clock struck twelve.
Well make sure to build your house brick by boring brick,
or the wolves gonna blow it down."
~ Paramore, Brick By Boring Brick

Monday, June 28, 2010

5 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Yes, I bring you The Final Riot! And yes, I bring you Misery Business. wow, how I love it. The Final Riot! brings me back, time and time again to the 12th of December 2009. The night I saw Paramore live with my sister for the first time.

We're all in the business of misery as much as we'd love to deny it. Everyone has, at one point, hurt someone in their life. I know I have. And I know for sure that people have hurt me.

ah, yes, Emmett, who reminds me a lot about my brother. Big, funny, protective. (:

Anyhoo, that would be all for tonight.. (:

"I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around."
~ Emmett

"Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change. Once a whore, you're nothing, I'm sorry, that'll never change."
~ Paramore, Misery Business

6 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

NOTE! okay, I know I should have done this yesterday but I was sooo tired last night. I wrote it out but didn't type it so this is all in yesterday. NOT TODAY.. lol..

So, yeah, I've probably prattled on a lot about missing my friends. Well, I did. I got to see them all today. :D

Corrandula show was today and all my friends went, well except for Dipsy but that's okay I'll see her on saturday (:

6 days. Wow, time flies.

Have I told you I love Paramore and I'm going to see them again this November. I have? Well, sucks for you, ParamoreParamoreParamore

Okay, so quote for today. Rosalie. Yush, I know, no one relly gets her and all but I kindaaa like her. (:

"If we had happy endings, we’d all be under gravestones now."
~ Rosalie

"Some things I never know. But I have to let them go. I'm sitting all alone, feeling empty."
~ Paramore, Pressure

Saturday, June 26, 2010

7 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Careful. Jasper. They fit. Jasper, is beyond words for me. I love him so much. Thankfully, everyone will understand more about him after this movie because his back story is in it. I don't have much to say. Sorry..but things are just kinda hectic today..sorry again <3

"Our venom is the only thing that leaves a scar."
~ Jasper

"You can't be too careful anymore When all that is waiting for you Won't come any closer You've got to reach out a little more."
~ Paramore, Careful

Friday, June 25, 2010

8 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

Decode. My song. I absolutley love this song. I mean I write it all over my stuff, my twitter username is after it. I live, eat and breath Decode. It holds a special place in my heart as does Jacob. The true JB, screw Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers, Jacob is the man, cause he's from Twilight :D

So, Eclipse premiere was last night. Who thinks they all looked amazing? Well, Rob and Kristen's stylists should be sacked for letting them out like that but it's good they're so beautiful that no one cares what they wear. Talk about looking loved up on the black carpet. No one can deny that Robsten are on after last night. Cleary they had a rough day if they went out dressed like that. if you know what I mean ;)

But to the real couple of the night, Ashley and Jackson. Hands up, most beautiful people I've ever laid eyes on. And Rob as well. Well actually the whole Twilight cast are beautiful but, Ashley and Jackson took my breath away. I love you too soo much. Just saying.

"The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse."
~ Jacob

"There is something I see in you. It might kill me, but I want it to be true."
~ Paramore, Decode

Thursday, June 24, 2010

9 daaays .

10 days . 10 songs . 10 quotes . 10 meanings .

So, the only exception. Paramore are a big part of my life. If you don't know that, you don't know me. I'm going to go see them again on the 6th of November this year. I'm excited already but right now, right here, it's Eclipse time. The stars are coming out tonight for the premire in downtown LA. The campers down guys have courage to be out there for so long.

My friends are getting excited for Eclipse. They don't know much, as of yet (I haven't got my hands on them yet), but yeah..very excited.. LOL..


"You don't get to be human again, Bella. This is a once-in-a-lifeltime shot."
~ Alice

"I've got a tight grip on reality, but I can't let go of what's in front of me here."
~ Paramore, The Only Exception

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 daaays .

10 days. 10 songs. 10 quotes. 10 meanings.

Yeah, so, Eclipse is here practically. And I'd like to dedicate this to all the people camping out in 'TentCity' (Downtown LA) for the Eclipse premire. Y'all have a great time down there. Eclipse was my favourite book from the saga so I'm more than excited. (if that's possible). I've picked 10 Paramore songs for the 10 days because I love them soo much. More than myself at times.

I'm bringing my three bestest friends to Eclipse on July 3rd(yes, later than everyone else cause Summit don't like UK and Ireland obvs.) Eimear, Dipsy(Aoife), Maeve and I are going to have the times of our lives on the 3rd. Because, seriously, what I love, they love too. They're all bringing tissues for me cause they're under this incredible impression that I'm going to ball my eyes out at the movie.. Ridiculous right?! -sarcasm-

"What is a valid reason for someone to love someone else? Since apparently I’m doing it wrong."
~ Bella Swan

"Father, oh Father, oh Father, oh Father. Father, well I am ready, won't you let it begin? Cause I am here now. I want to dance in the mighty palm of your hand."
~ Paramore [Let The Flames Begin]

P.S. Congrats to my bestfriend who I've known for 6 years, Dipsy and Caolan, 6 months together today.. 6 hectic months but ye made it! <3 Congrats..

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Essay :/

Dear Ms. Victoria Telling,

I am writing this to inform you of my resons behind becoming a Team Jacob person. Firstly, I would never leave team Edward, team vampire, team Cullen, team Jasper, team Alice, team Bella and my slight following of team Switzerland and Volturi. Also I despise the wolfpack except for Paul and Jacob. But I only like them slightly. Secondly you have picked up the issue completley wrong. Robert Pattinson's new character for his new movie Water for Elephants which began filming yesterday and is also why he cut his hair name id Jacob Jankowski. I'm sure you yourself as a Twilight fan, Victoria, can understand the oddness and irony of his charecter's name. To put the matter simply , all Robert Pattinson fans, like myself, have begun to tell people we are 'team Jacob' to confuse them as they will think the matter is about Twilight. Basically the whole 'team Jacob' thing is like saying you are Team Cedric as Rob played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Thirdly, a lot of Twilight fans that are team Edward completley and utterly despise team Jacob people. I for one find this mind boggoling and always wonder where the point is in all this hatered. Some of my best friends are team Jacob and although my opinion differs from theirs I respect their views on the matter. So this, this three hundred word essay with illustration is, in true fact, quite pointless because if, and I say if, I had turned to team Jacob Black you, my best friend, would just have to learn to deal with it. So, Miss Victoria Telling as I sit here and finish off this essay I am hoping you now understand that it is Jacob Jankowski of Water for Elephants I am a team member of.

Yours sincerly,

Miss Louise Murphy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Life, My Time.

This summer will be good. I know it will. Things are so much better now. My best friend told me she missed me. Like really missed me. I have hope now that things will go back to the way they were last year. The Dipsy I know and love. Not the one who's mad in love with the boy that hates me. All I want is for the summer to start now. To get back to how things were. Spend time with my friends and family. I want to get my house exams over with. There's so much study that I'm rushing writing this to go learn my fócloir. Yeah, don't ask.

This week was tough. Seann, my heart is still thumping from shock and worry. I know how you felt. But I love you more than anything. Please just remember that everytime you're down.

Vicky, I know things are tough with you at the moment but I'm always here whenevr you want me. We've grown a lot closer recently and it's brillant.

Seann, Vicky, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Can We Pretend That Airplanes In The Night Sky Are Like Shooting Stars, I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now, Wish Right Now Wish Right Now.. Dreaming Of Falling, Dreaming Of Falling..

I had nothing left to lose, you took your time to choose, then we told each other with no trace of fear that our love would be forever and if we die, we die together, but I saide never cause our love would be forever.. ♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Heart, My Hero..

A Night To Remember Forever,
My Memories Will Last Forever..


Never a fan, I never will be. It's the end of it all to me. I can't see, I can't breath. Holding on to nothing I have no hope. For there's always darkness in my life. Someone save me from the darkness. I have no hope if not.


No matter how tough, no matter how hard, they might get worse and they might get better. No outlook in life will stay the same for long. I'll keep holding on, keep hoping that one day we will be together again. For everyday I think of you. Every day :3

Is Tú Mo Ghrá..


Is aoibhinn liom an t-amhrán seo. Éist agus titim i ghrá liomsa.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Miss You..

:3 That's all I have to say..

Seann Pangilinan, I miss you, terribly, I love you.


Thank You.. :]

It was my birthday yesterday, and wow was it a wonderful day.. :D

Some people made something very special for me -coughSeannVickycough-

Best present ever!

Happy Meep Fang Day :] from seann pangilinan on Vimeo.

I may have found it early, sorry bout that again, but everytime I see it I cry and remember all our good times :]

Also, my girls, my amazing friends, you made my birthday absoleutley amazing! :') it was truly the best birthday ever because of ye. Eimear, thank you for the tweets, heres a sample: @Eimear4cheese hu cares bout icelandic volcanos wen its @decodelala b day :P
@Eimear4cheese aaaaaaaaaaaaaah its @decodelala anniversary of ur b day
@Eimear4cheese @decodelala my likle bro says happy birth anniversairy
@Eimear4cheese dis day 14 yrs ago a chin biting baby was born :P

Ahh, I love you soo much wifey! Annnd you gave me a Jedward t-shirt which I'm wearing now, Love it!

Erin, that journal, most amazing thing I ever laid eyes on..

And of course, Dipsy(Aoife), Maeve, Louise, Rebecca, Louise, Edel, Meghan, Celine, Eoin, Hollie, Amy, Katie, Niamh, Emly and all my other friends! :]


Just For You..

It's been a long time since we talked..
It's been a long time since we laughed..

Yesterday I died; tomorrow's bleeding
Fall into your sunlight
The future's open wide beyond believing
To know why hope dies

So long since we hugged..
Gone for a walk together..

And losing what was found, a world so hollow
Suspended in a compromise
But the silence of this sound is soon to follow
Somehow sundown

I may love you, but I don't know about you..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Always Here

Gripping on to the last hold of what was me. So much has changed in such little time for us. We were closer than two peas in a pod. We could tell each other anything. But since this year our friendship will never be the same between us again. We are constantly reminded of the things that have happened, all because of one person. I know I'm to blame for starting all of the mess but it's also me that ends up the most hurt. all because I have no one to stand up for myself but me. Then you have the person that hates me so dearly to stand up for you. The person who can make me feel like everything is my fault with one measly sentence. But I have to keep my head held high and hope that some day everything will be the same again.

Forever && Always

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Don't Wanna Be Friends

Inspired by 30 seconds to mars version of lady gaga's Bad Romance :]

If love is all you have to give, it's no good to me.. Because you may think it's all you have to give but you can hurt a person in many ways..Give your stupid love to someone who cares.. Because I sure as hell don't.. Nightmares to remind me.. Consequences of the hurt.. To much for one to bear.. I loved you and you left.. I don't want you back.. It hurts to much.. :/

Forever && Always

Friday, March 26, 2010

Raaawwrr :D

You make my life brighter..
You are my favourite star in the skies..
You make my eyes light up..
But you don't notice.. You're with her.. And she ain't me.. You are my bestfriend but you don't know how much I care for you. The hurt I feel when something happens to you. If you knew oh how things would be different but you love her. And apparently it'll always be her never me..

Forever && Always

Just As Much :]

So much for fullfilling dreams.. Make them your own.. Don't rely on other peoples faults.. Look at your own flaws cause they are the things that are letting your dreams slip away. But don't worry you'll always be a dream for me. I'm not letting go until you're in my life and forever && always mine.. :]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing Compares To You.

More amazing than words..
Better than life itself,,
Ability to make my day so much better..
How much more does a person want in a best friend?
I know what.. Seann and Vicky.. Cause they are the best and I'm possibly the luckiest person ever to have them!!
<3 love love love x

New-ish Moon

This story was written by a person I love very much! Ms. Eimear Joyce. She kindly wrote this story for me as I'm off my Twilight books for lent.. Just so you know YaYa is Laurent, Mary Harny is Victoria and Jacob Biscuits is Jacob Black oh and the Vontrapps are the Volturi so yeah here you go!

New-ish Moon
By Eimear Joyce

It was Bella Swans birthday and she walked down the stairs and everyone was like ‘Happy Birthday’ and Alice got her a dress and it was pretty and then Edward gave her a present and when opening the present she got a papercut and Jasper saw the blood so he wanted it cause he is a vampire and they like blood so he wanted it and Edward saved Bella from Jasper but she got a bigger cut but the cake was nice and it was awkward cause he wanted to kill her and stuff but Jasper couldn’t help himself so he is still cool :p
It was morning time. Bella Swan was going to her school Soup High School in her orangey redy truck thing. She was thinking about the irony of living in a place called Forks (which is in Washington by the way) and going to a school that has the name of a food you can’t eat with a fork. She finally got to school and then she saw Edward Cullen, her pale skinned, hairy bellied, orange eyed, smoker, vampire boyfriend and gave him a hi5, then they held hands and skipped into school.
They went to a forest place after school and Edward said he didn’t want her to be hurt or something so he went away and she started rolling on the ground crying and stuff and then YaYa came the Jamaican vampire and he wanted to suck her blood bleh bleh so she ran and then she saw her badly in need of a haircut friend Jacob, surname Biscuits and she screamed

“Jacob run”

or something but he turned into a wolf and ate YaYa and she was like gasp.
Bella bought a motorbike cause she wanted one to see Edward cause he left and stuff and she would scream in bed and stuff cause he was gone and she was sad but when she was in danger she saw Edward but I dunno why so lets just say cause it sounds cool. So she went to Jacobs house and fixed the motorbike so she could go on it and see Edward but not really cause he is somewhere else but she can still see him so they fix the motorbike and she falls off it and Jacob the biscuit man ran over and helped her and then they saw some other wolf boys jumping off a cliff into water and stuff and Bella was like

“this will make me see Edward”

and stuff so later on she drove up to the cliff and jumped off and she saw Edward but shockingly her enemy Mary Harny was in the water and almost ate her face but Jacob Biscuits save her so she giggled but then Alice came and said Edward was gonna kill himself well he wasn’t gonna the Vontrapps would cause his belly would go all shiny and stuffs cause vampires are made of sequins (true story) . so she went to Italy with Alice in a car from Forks. They went to Italy and everyone was in red and suddenly Bella started running and Edward stepped outside and his hairy belly was shiny and a little girl saw him and then the vontrapps sang to him and Bella is gonna be a vampire or else Edward dies and that’s bad but its okay now.


What Eimear drew at the bottom of the story!! haahaa.. Love Yoou!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hold me in your arms and come back to me..

You two have made all the difference..
without ye everything would still be the same.. Boring as ever..

Mahal Ko Kang

So Long, Fairwell

If you wanted to hurt me why do it in the worst way? Whatever I did to you was nothing.. Nothing at all. I've covered it all up for too long. It's time you found out who the real me is. Because you judged too fast. I'm the fragilr one and you're the hurter. One person knows. And she'll always know. Because not only did you hurt me, you hurt the girl you love with your selfishness. You're cheating your way through life and if that's what you want to do fine. But don't come near me!

Final Straws..

You've made me laugh 'til I cried..

But you've also made me cry 'til I'm sick of it and depressed..

You've messed with my head for too long dear..

You won't get away with hurting me mentally and physically this time..

It hurt too much the last time..

The memories are still there but..

Most importantly the scars of the pain are still there..

You've pulled the very last straw.. The final straw you'll get..

Forever && Always

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy now..

And if all the flowers faded away..

Things happen.. And when they do.. Think of the positive things in the situation.. Although it might be hard everyone has to move on.. The consequences are there for life if you don't move on.. I'm a softie.. True and true but I don't mind that.. I have emotions.. I'm not a stone.. I'm happy now and that's all I care about.. And believe me there has been times when I have most certainaly not been happy.. One life to live and I'mma live it to the full..

She is the Sunlight.. Forever and always :3

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hope should be for everyone. Not for me though. I looked over to him. My best friend. My asshole. No one knew him like I knew him. No one believed me that he was really a softie on the inside.. Not one person but myself believed in him. He has all his friends and he believes their lies straight off. Having hope for him makes me feel lonley as I'm the only one.. But at least he has someone.. I hae no one..

Hating Life ..

Who should hate life? everything is there for you. I have amazing friends and I love them to death. But hate is also a big part of my life. Forgive and forget is much easier said than done. I've been called a lot of crap just because I don't listen to the same music as most of my friends, have a scary obsession with twilight, Jasper, Alice, Ashley, Jackson and all the rest. Yeah I'm different. Everyone is. So why should people make you feel bad about it. No one should be ashamed of how you live your life. Be different. Be spontaneous but most of all leave the haters. If they hate it, obviously they don't have much of a life if all they want to do in their life is make others miserable. Live life to the full becuse you only get one life.

For Her..

84 chapters of Smiles.
84 chapters of Hope.
84 chapters of Excitement.

84 chapters of Inspiration.
84 chapters of Simplicity.

84 chapters of Tranquility.
84 chapters of Happiness.
84 chapters of Envy.

84 chapters of Sweetness.
84 chapters of Unpredictability.
84 chapters of Nervous waiting.
84 chapters of Love.
84 chapters of Intelligence.
84 chapters of Goodness.
84 chapters of Heartfeltness.
84 chapters of Tears.

These 84 chapters have brought 3 girls together. Seann (the author) and me and Vicky (her loyal sisters). This is just a reminder to her that the story not boring or stupid. Seann this brought us together, forever.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Paddy's Day

Also known as St.Patrick's Day.. Patron saint of Ireland.. Died on 17th of March in 492.. His feast day is on 17th of March every year.. It's great craic (fun).. Most towns in Ireland have parades to celebrate.. This year by far was the best and had the best fun with my friends.. I wanted to have Seann and Vicky there but sadly not..
Me and my best friend Eimear up there ^^ love her x

If you want to see the parade and some of my horrible dancing go to this link..

love laalaa..x

You Make My Day..

This post is for my best friends/sisters.. Seann and Vicky.. Ye don't actually know how much you two mean to me and how my life has changed with ye in it.. We are all completley different and it's perfect that way.. Oceans apart but together in so many ways..

Seann - You are utterly amazing girl! You are an inspirational writer and to be honest I love you soo much!

Vicky - You have such random moment and love coke too.. A girl like myself :D You're especially nice and such a brilliand writer ..

What I'm really trying to say here is that I love you guys.. So much.. And thank you for being such amazing friends.. :] lovelovelove x

Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay so my music teacher is making me and some other girls do a song and sing it in a concert for tanzinia.. Here it is.. What do you think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life Goes On..

You might not want it to but evryone has an opinion and the sooner people realise that the better. Teenage life is tough and I'm sadly learning that the hard way. But who's to blame but ourseleves for making it harder for ourselves. Of course there's people who want to make you feel like shit (and believe me I know them people, they thrive amongst us). But why don't people look at the positive side of the world? The good things that make us happy? Of course the bad things are there and we always want t make them better, but why when we feel sad and depressive think of what you love in the world. Lala.x

First Post :]

Yesh, my first post on blogger as Seann has advised me that blogging is good fun.. I guess this is like a diary yesh? Well let me begin, I'm Louise, as you may or may not know.. I have a serious obsession with all things Twilight, FanFic, Jasper and Jackson Rathbone.. Ashley Greene is my idol and I love her to bits. Music is my passion and Paramore are my gods. Well if you're reading thank you, and go watch the Eclipse trailer now (and if you're a bigger wuss than me you'll cry harder) :') Lala.x