Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank You.. :]

It was my birthday yesterday, and wow was it a wonderful day.. :D

Some people made something very special for me -coughSeannVickycough-

Best present ever!

Happy Meep Fang Day :] from seann pangilinan on Vimeo.

I may have found it early, sorry bout that again, but everytime I see it I cry and remember all our good times :]

Also, my girls, my amazing friends, you made my birthday absoleutley amazing! :') it was truly the best birthday ever because of ye. Eimear, thank you for the tweets, heres a sample: @Eimear4cheese hu cares bout icelandic volcanos wen its @decodelala b day :P
@Eimear4cheese aaaaaaaaaaaaaah its @decodelala anniversary of ur b day
@Eimear4cheese @decodelala my likle bro says happy birth anniversairy
@Eimear4cheese dis day 14 yrs ago a chin biting baby was born :P

Ahh, I love you soo much wifey! Annnd you gave me a Jedward t-shirt which I'm wearing now, Love it!

Erin, that journal, most amazing thing I ever laid eyes on..

And of course, Dipsy(Aoife), Maeve, Louise, Rebecca, Louise, Edel, Meghan, Celine, Eoin, Hollie, Amy, Katie, Niamh, Emly and all my other friends! :]


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