Sunday, September 19, 2010

When Things Go Poom.

So..things have been very crazy. I guess my summer was okay. Until my uncle died of course. That messed me up. I'm back in school and settling back into the routine. I've realised though..that there's only a little number of people you can truly trust. I know who those people are and I know who are just basically users.

I call this place heaven.
I call this place mine.
I call this place where I belong.
I call this place my heart.

I've been asked a countless amount of times in the last few days am I okay. And I think I am, but deep down I know something is bothering me..because I just don't feel me.

It's amazing how one person can split a friendship and when that person goes away, the friendship goes right back to the way it was. Guess it just shows that person that they can't break true friendship. Probably something they'll never have.

And finally. I miss you S and V. I miss us.
Let me just say this.
You will always be my S and V, my sissies.

Oh and happy birthday for my sister tomorrow. I love you E.

My thoughts you can't decode.

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