Friday, May 21, 2010

My Essay :/

Dear Ms. Victoria Telling,

I am writing this to inform you of my resons behind becoming a Team Jacob person. Firstly, I would never leave team Edward, team vampire, team Cullen, team Jasper, team Alice, team Bella and my slight following of team Switzerland and Volturi. Also I despise the wolfpack except for Paul and Jacob. But I only like them slightly. Secondly you have picked up the issue completley wrong. Robert Pattinson's new character for his new movie Water for Elephants which began filming yesterday and is also why he cut his hair name id Jacob Jankowski. I'm sure you yourself as a Twilight fan, Victoria, can understand the oddness and irony of his charecter's name. To put the matter simply , all Robert Pattinson fans, like myself, have begun to tell people we are 'team Jacob' to confuse them as they will think the matter is about Twilight. Basically the whole 'team Jacob' thing is like saying you are Team Cedric as Rob played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Thirdly, a lot of Twilight fans that are team Edward completley and utterly despise team Jacob people. I for one find this mind boggoling and always wonder where the point is in all this hatered. Some of my best friends are team Jacob and although my opinion differs from theirs I respect their views on the matter. So this, this three hundred word essay with illustration is, in true fact, quite pointless because if, and I say if, I had turned to team Jacob Black you, my best friend, would just have to learn to deal with it. So, Miss Victoria Telling as I sit here and finish off this essay I am hoping you now understand that it is Jacob Jankowski of Water for Elephants I am a team member of.

Yours sincerly,

Miss Louise Murphy.

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