Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hating Life ..

Who should hate life? everything is there for you. I have amazing friends and I love them to death. But hate is also a big part of my life. Forgive and forget is much easier said than done. I've been called a lot of crap just because I don't listen to the same music as most of my friends, have a scary obsession with twilight, Jasper, Alice, Ashley, Jackson and all the rest. Yeah I'm different. Everyone is. So why should people make you feel bad about it. No one should be ashamed of how you live your life. Be different. Be spontaneous but most of all leave the haters. If they hate it, obviously they don't have much of a life if all they want to do in their life is make others miserable. Live life to the full becuse you only get one life.

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