Thursday, March 25, 2010

New-ish Moon

This story was written by a person I love very much! Ms. Eimear Joyce. She kindly wrote this story for me as I'm off my Twilight books for lent.. Just so you know YaYa is Laurent, Mary Harny is Victoria and Jacob Biscuits is Jacob Black oh and the Vontrapps are the Volturi so yeah here you go!

New-ish Moon
By Eimear Joyce

It was Bella Swans birthday and she walked down the stairs and everyone was like ‘Happy Birthday’ and Alice got her a dress and it was pretty and then Edward gave her a present and when opening the present she got a papercut and Jasper saw the blood so he wanted it cause he is a vampire and they like blood so he wanted it and Edward saved Bella from Jasper but she got a bigger cut but the cake was nice and it was awkward cause he wanted to kill her and stuff but Jasper couldn’t help himself so he is still cool :p
It was morning time. Bella Swan was going to her school Soup High School in her orangey redy truck thing. She was thinking about the irony of living in a place called Forks (which is in Washington by the way) and going to a school that has the name of a food you can’t eat with a fork. She finally got to school and then she saw Edward Cullen, her pale skinned, hairy bellied, orange eyed, smoker, vampire boyfriend and gave him a hi5, then they held hands and skipped into school.
They went to a forest place after school and Edward said he didn’t want her to be hurt or something so he went away and she started rolling on the ground crying and stuff and then YaYa came the Jamaican vampire and he wanted to suck her blood bleh bleh so she ran and then she saw her badly in need of a haircut friend Jacob, surname Biscuits and she screamed

“Jacob run”

or something but he turned into a wolf and ate YaYa and she was like gasp.
Bella bought a motorbike cause she wanted one to see Edward cause he left and stuff and she would scream in bed and stuff cause he was gone and she was sad but when she was in danger she saw Edward but I dunno why so lets just say cause it sounds cool. So she went to Jacobs house and fixed the motorbike so she could go on it and see Edward but not really cause he is somewhere else but she can still see him so they fix the motorbike and she falls off it and Jacob the biscuit man ran over and helped her and then they saw some other wolf boys jumping off a cliff into water and stuff and Bella was like

“this will make me see Edward”

and stuff so later on she drove up to the cliff and jumped off and she saw Edward but shockingly her enemy Mary Harny was in the water and almost ate her face but Jacob Biscuits save her so she giggled but then Alice came and said Edward was gonna kill himself well he wasn’t gonna the Vontrapps would cause his belly would go all shiny and stuffs cause vampires are made of sequins (true story) . so she went to Italy with Alice in a car from Forks. They went to Italy and everyone was in red and suddenly Bella started running and Edward stepped outside and his hairy belly was shiny and a little girl saw him and then the vontrapps sang to him and Bella is gonna be a vampire or else Edward dies and that’s bad but its okay now.


What Eimear drew at the bottom of the story!! haahaa.. Love Yoou!

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  1. mwahaha! This is better than new moon! made me laugh my head off.hehe